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Meet the Team behind DeepKnowledge™

Meet the team behind DeepKnowledgeTM.

TechKnowledge is the Organization that developed and continues to maintain the DeepKnowledgeTM e-Library Platform Service, and has over ten years of experience in supporting customers in the MENA region with a wide array of products and services ranging from online content and resources to tailor made access and library management solutions.

Our mission is to impact researchers and information seekers around the globe, and DeepKnowledgeTM fits perfectly in our main strategy in a sense where it facilitates access to information and impacts libraries and institutions positively on all the aspects of their daily work and helps them take decisions based on facts and insights.

Our team is currently distributed across five locations and is experienced in all aspects related to the information business. We are proud to have on our team many healthcare professionals, librarians, academic researchers, information technology specialists, engineers and technicians who contribute on a daily basis on the advancement of societies, and influence millions of students and researchers with innovative and inspiring solutions and products.

TechKnowledge collaborates with leading publishers specialized in Health Sciences, Academic Research, Chemical Sciences, Engineering and K12, as well as numerous technology companies who support our operations and services on a daily basis.