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Efficient workflow, fast and convenient access and advanced search capabilities

Convenient access

DeepKnowledgeTM e-LSP provides a complete content search, browse and delivery experience to your end users.

The service also offers a reliable single authentication point (Single Sign On) for each individual library patron, which enables them to enjoy a wide variety of services such as browsing content, searching across all the subscriptions and managing their profile and alerts information, all without having to open multiple client applications or access different systems using different credentials and authentication methods.

By making DeepKnowledgeTM as your main e-Library gateway, you make sure that your end-users have everything they need in terms of search service, content delivery, communication and support tools in order to enable them to use the library resources largely.

DeepKnowledgeTM has also collaborated with some of the biggest and most trusted content and service providers available in order to extend its services and tools to a wide range of user types. Whether it is Journals, Books, Databases, Evidence based tools, Articles and more... you can aggregate all this content into one place, organize it according to your users needs and make it available for search and off-campus access.

Mobile? Yes we have that too

Worldwide Mobile usage is rapidly increasing, from just 4% in 2007 to over 29% in 2013 (Source “ITU World Telecommunication”) and this trend cannot be discarded when it comes to accommodating your end users needs in terms of accessibility.

DeepKnowledgeTM employs a fully responsive user interface in order to deliver an efficient user interface and functionality to a broad range of devices and screen sizes. Users have also the ability to download the mobile device apps and enjoy the same services and features on their tablets and smart phones.

By accommodating a wide range of access endpoints, you automatically increase usage across all your subscriptions and therefore maximize circulation rates and optimize your cost/user factor.

Lower your costs, increase reliability and uptime

DeepKnowledgeTM is one of the few systems available at the moment as a fully cloud based service. What this basically means is that you do no longer need to worry about software updates, hosting costs and reliability, on premises hardware and network infrastructure, IP addresses, redundancy and backup, data restoration and disaster recovery strategies. We work with some of the best hosting and infrastructure management companies available out there in order to deliver an extremely reliable service to your end users. Whether you are a public library, academic institution, medical facility, governmental body or private corporation, you surely cannot afford to waste time and resources on managing a complex information solution. By allowing us to handle these tasks on your behalf, you immediately impact your staff efficiency and effectiveness, free up resources that you can re-allocate to other tasks and most importantly focus on your core workflow, processes, content acquisition and service improvement.

What’s more? Three years from now, your library user base would not be the same as now. DeepKnowledgeTM greatly help reduce your costs by cutting down any charges related to upgrading the hardware as your user base grows in time.

We also release several updates every year, without affecting the availability of the service. By adhering to the Cloud Based Platform approach, you make sure that the service is available 24 hours, 365 days a year with no noticeable downtime, hence improving your users experience, satisfaction and quality of service.

Decisions… it’s all about decisions!

DeepKnowledgeTM integrates with advanced intelligence tools in order to help you make the right decisions on a daily basis.

You do not need to dig into multiple software and screens, combine usage data, group numbers and filter out unwanted information. Simply head to one of the Decision Hub™ , select your filter and comparison criteria and run the statistics engine in order to get an extensive report that you can either print or export straight to PDF

For day to day operations such as reviewing the impact of training sessions, content trials and launch of new databases, you can quickly check the Dashboard which provides immediate overview over all KPI’s of your library.