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Efficient workflow, fast and convenient access and advanced search capabilities
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Take control of your e-library

Popular amongst hundreds of libraries around the world, DeepKnowledgeTM is an integrated e-library services platform (e-LSP), and is currently serving hundreds of thousands of students, researchers, medical staff, library patrons and end users around the world.

DeepKnowledgeTM has been designed from the ground up in order to provide an efficient workflow to libraries, fast and convenient access to content, advanced search capabilities and a wide range of communication tools.

The service advocates a new approach because most libraries have struggled in the past trying to use outdated tools or systems that have been designed years ago in order to accommodate print collections, and have been recently patched and updated to handle the need for managing online content. The new approach hovers around the fact that you the librarian, should have full control over your e-library both in terms of content and access. In addition, you benefit from one of the most advanced yet intuitive range of reporting tools, allowing you to take greater control over your subscriptions by looking into the usage reports anytime you want to, and pinpoint any abnormalities, unpopular content or highly used collections and therefore making the right decisions based on your users feedback and usage patterns.

DeepKnowledgeTM is also true Software as a Service. We handle for you multi-tenant operations, data aggregation, analytics, redundancy, security and hosting. At the end of the day, you do not have to worry about anything other than optimizing efficiency of your staff, and effectiveness of your workflows. This also means that your costs will be greatly reduced because you do not need hardware on premises, software management and maintenance or IT experts that will continue to maintain the whole system. We take care of all this for you.


  1. Open architecture that evolves with your needs and processes changes
  2. Integrated system with various components available on demand
  3. Search service agnostic. Simply plug-in your favorite federated search service, we support all of them
  4. Reliable Off-campus access with no additional cost
  5. Over twenty administrative modules that let you manage all your operations in real-time
  6. Extensive dashboards, usage and statistics tools are available for immediate use
  7. A wide range of communication tools, including MailBlastâ„¢, Chat, email and SMS Alerts
  8. All the content management tools you need in order to publish updates on the e-library
  9. Advanced documents, training scheduling and form/survey management tools
  10. Extensive user and access privileges management
  11. Control and auditing of geographic access, including IP and country based restrictions and monitoring
  12. A proven track record of 99.9% monthly Uptime. Click here for more information

You can get started immediately. Please get in touch with us for more information.