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Do not rely on yesterday’s tools to do today’s job.

Take full control of your library, customize content and workflow according to your needs and free up your resources.

No installation required

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All your content in one place.

Manage online subscriptions.
Provide access to your patrons and faculty members.


Join the mobile revolution.

Broaden your audience.
Maximize usage and optimize your cost per circulation.
DeepKnowledgeTM is available in a variety of web based and device specific formats and applications.


Optimize staff efficiency and effectiveness.

DeepKnowledgeTM is a cloud based service platform that does not require any installation of technical expertise.


Make it a success!

The support of your user community and continuous funding of your library is based on the decisions you make.
Access a wide range of integrated reporting and analytics tools, review usage on a real-time basis and take the right decisions based on facts.


Integrated e-Library Platform Service

DeepKnowledgeTM is the ideal cost effective and efficient solution for institutions that want to immediately launch their e-library. With DeepKnowledgeTM e-library Platform Service you can pick and choose the features that maximize your researcher’s benefits in a theme of your choice, Stay in touch with your users and Take decisions based on facts.

Get Started Now
No installation required

A fact worth a thousand words

“We have earned the trust of over 150 customers and 300 thousand students, researchers, librarians and corporate users.”

Technology partners

We have integrated with...

  • DeepWeb
  • MuseGlobal
  • Summon
  • Ebsco

Publishing partners

We collaborate with the leading specialized publishers from around the world and DeepKnowledgeTM is trusted by Publishers from all over the globe.
We proudly collaborate with

  • Elsevier
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • Truven Health
  • American Chemical Society
  • Turn it in
  • Springer
  • Britannica
  • AlManhal
  • Unbound Medicine
  • RSC


Open Architecture

DeepKnowledgeTM is based on an open architecture that was designed from the ground up in order to support a variety of third party systems and services. Use our open API in order to authenticate to other systems, integrate with LMS, learning systems and more

Intuitive user interface

In addition to the multitude of customizations that can be performed on the UI in order to fit your branding needs, the available set of screens and forms is very intuitive and does not have a steep learning curve. Your library patrons will find it familiar and easy to use from the first time.

Access anytime, anywhere

Granting remote access to your user base is as easy as switching a button on! Thanks to our extensive network infrastructure deployed across three continents, your patrons will be able to gain access to your library resources anytime of the day, anywhere around the globe, without having the need for fast internet connections. Our system will automatically detect the user location and serve content from the nearest location

Customize workflow

DeepKnowledgeTM is a platform designed by librarians for librarians.

Over the years, we have built into the system a significant amount of customized workflows and options that are easily configured on demand and that can accommodate a wide range of institutions and libraries.

You are in control, customize it the way you want!

Get started immediately

Do not wait for your technical department to design a hardware/software solution, upgrade your existing infrastructure, and install software, test configurations... You can get started immediately.

Thanks to our multi-tenant approach, the software resides in our servers, all you need now is an internet connection!

Control your costs

No upfront investment on IT infrastructure and easy to understand subscription model makes it convenient for you to focus on the core of your library business and avoids you any surprises when it comes to billing.

You know exactly what you pay for and when to pay for it.

Customer support

Our experienced support team is here to help you with any enquiry. Furthermore, most of the standard support requests will go to our support system and we directly deal with each case.

From issues related to access difficulties, to missing content and suggestions, we handle all that without having you involved, and we will automatically escalate tickets to you in case they require your attention.

That is another time consuming task that you can write off your checklist!

Product Features

  • Control your e-library

    With the available wide range of integrated modules that allow you to control access, manage subscriptions and trials, change content...

  • Single Authentication Point

    Give your users the flexibility to access the library anywhere. You control all aspects related to access depending on your preferences and workflow...

  • Combined analytics

    Getting a multitude of excel sheets and spending hours trying to combine usage statistics from different content vendors is a tedious...

  • Right decisions on facts

    Review usage statistics, compare against spent costs and take smart decisions based on what your users like and use the most...

  • Customize library portal

    Powerful customization tools that let you manage content, media galleries and chose from a wide range of themes and user interfaces...

  • Federated search agnostic

    Choose your own federated search service; we support several services that are fully integrated on your e-library, both in terms...

  • Mobile revolution

    Use the iPad app, or browse your elibrary from any device. We support them all!

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